✔ USE SIGNAL. Add this app to your phone and on your computer through the Chrome browser. When you set up Signal be sure to verify your contacts. You can also activate disappearing messages to keep your message threads clear. Verify your contacts.

✔ ASSUME WHATSAPP, MESSENGER, TEXT, E-MAIL, AND PHONE ARE UNSAFE. If you must use Whatsapp verify your contacts and make sure all folks have the most recent version of Whatsapp so that the messaging threads are end-to-end encrypted. The sad reality is that Whatsapp and Messenger are owned by Facebook; which has dubious privacy policies, with your data stored on their servers, so do not trust them with your security.

✔ IF YOU MUST USE EMAIL TRY TO USE GPG ENCRYPTION. Get it for the mac at https://gpgtools.org/ or for the PC at https://www.gpg4win.org/

✔ REPLACE ELECTRONIC MAILING LISTS AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE like Slack with Semaphor by Spider oak. It’s end-to-end encrypted and has both a web and desktop client. Learn more at https://spideroak.com/solutions/semaphor

✔ DOWNLOAD THE TALKY APP OR USE TALKY ON YOUR COMPUTER BROWSER to replace skype, google hangouts and audio calls. Talky is end-to-end encrypted and can be used across android, iOS, and all computer platforms. With the app you can create a session simply by entering a name and inviting people to the new link! You can find it at https://talky.io/

✔ IF YOU NEED AN ALTERNATIVE TO GOODLE DOCS try using https://pad.riseup.net/ for short term collaborative documents. The etherpad software does not store IP addresses and will delete itself if it is not used in 30 days. You can also find an alternative to google docs using the open source platform Sandstorm. The platform has lots of open sources apps and while it requires some getting used to, it is one step to helping you wean yourself off of google apps. Learn more at https://Sandstorm.io