✔ CREATE STRONG PASSWORDS. This means using a password manager to generate passwords for every account. It’s important to change your password on a regular basis, preferably at least once every three months. We recommend keepassX at https://www.keepassx.org/downloads, 1password at https://1password.com/ and lastpass at www.lastpass.com.

✔ COMPARTMENTALIZE YOUR E-MAIL, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, AND SNAPCHAT ACCOUNTS. Keep separate accounts for your family, personal, and political identities. Be careful about ross-contaminating an identity. Make sure these are set up with different e-mails and burner phone numbers. Need help making multiple accounts? Use email services like riseup.net and burner app which can help you create distinct separate identities.

✔ TURN ON 2-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION (2FA) for all your accounts. 2FA is available for G-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and more. This website gives you directions on how to do it for all of your accounts. https://www.turnon2fa.com/tutorials/

✔ FIND OUT WHAT YOU ARE LEAKING TO GOOGLE: https://myactivity.google.com

✔ FIND OUT IF YOU HAVE BEEN THE VICTIM OF A HACK. Visit https://haveibeenpwned.com and enter your e-mail. You can then find out if your email and password has been part of any data breaches. If it has we recommend you change all instances of that password immediately for your password has been compromised.

✔ FIND OUT WHAT INFORMATION TROLLS CAN FIND OUT ABOUT YOU. Once you know what exists about you online you can start the process of contacting Data brokers in writing to have your information removed. While it is hard to get all of the content off, every little bit helps you have a strong self-defense in the event of you becoming the target for troll attacks. Check your Data leaks here:Spokeo (to remove listing: http://www.spokeo.com/opt_out/new)Anywho.comAnywho.com) (to remove listing: http://www.anywho.com/help/privacy)InteliusIntelius) (to remove listing: https://www.intelius.com/optout.php)WhitepagesWhitepages) (to remove listing: https://support.whitepages.com/hc/en-us/articles/203263794-Remove-my-listing-from-Whitepages-)CheckCheck) your information from a more comprehensive list of data brokers at Trollbusters. You can find this list at https://yoursosteam.wordpress.com/2015/08/30/remove-your-mailing-address-from-data-broker-sites/